Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time. Where does it go?

Someone recently told me that if you want something to get done, then give the job to a busy person.  Well, that busy person lately, has been me.  I wish I could say that it was a creative busyness in the studio, but it isn't.  My husband, and I, are opening a restaurant.  Yes, a restaurant.  Why?  I don't know, because it was the only option in a vacant restaurant space?  Because he's always wanted to?  Because we are a little crazy?  All of the above.

The restaurant is called White Cap Grille and it's a little sister to Black Cap Grille, which is in North Conway, NH.  Black Cap is named after Black Cap in the Green Mountains of North Conway.  I've climbed it just once on a picture perfect day.  It took about 2 hours and the view from the top was amazing.  All of NH valley below you and other mountain ranges in view, including Mt. Washington.  Black Cap even has a few menu items named after the Mountain, like the 2369'-the height of BCM and the Red Tail Trail Wings, named after the Red Tail Trail that winds up and down the 2369 feet!

We chose the name 'White Cap' for the Portland location because it was on the coast of Maine.  We needed something to be a little different differentiate us.  Most everything else is the same....the decor, the furnishings, lighting, the delicious menu and most importantly, top quality customer care and attention.  We aren't a brew pub or sports bar but an upscale bar and dining room catering to people who want a casual yet, relaxing dining experience.

We've got some great ideas in the wings for various specials and events but for now I'll just tease you with that thought...I don't want to give anything away too soon!

Getting back to being creative for a moment, the Spring Semester of Heartwood College of Art ended on a fantastic note.  All of the glass pieces that I created far exceeded my creative intentions.  I was very pleased with the process as well as the results.  Mandalas are constantly being created (and possibly emitted from me somehow) as I see everything as it could pertain to being inside a mandala!  I've taken a couple of the glass mandalas to my gallery and have them on display.  People say the nicest things.

Which brings me to my last thought of this blog...the Gallery, Heron Point Gallery.  We've recently moved it two doors down to a larger, sunnier location within the same building.  We are closer to Middle Street and White Cap Grille.  My energy has gone into helping get that up and running and to a point that we are ready for our first artist reception next Friday.  Dan Dostie has been instrumental in fitting out of the new space.  'A New Light', recent paintings by Portland Artist, Stephen Lanzalotta will be our first show in the new Gallery.  Stephen has been painting up a storm after a long winter of shoulder ailments.  I am excited to see these new canvases!

Will keep you posted as to the opening date of White Cap Grille.  It won't be long now...days a way!
And if you are in town Friday, July 1st from 5-8pm, please stop in the Gallery at 63 Market Street to see some amazing art and meet Stephen.  You'll be glad you did!