Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer In Maine

Wondering where it goes and how it goes by so quickly.  We all wait so long for it to arrive.  Dare I say that it's the end of July already? I've already heard (and I'm whispering now) 'back to school' ads on the radio and TV. 

Pink Pond Lily blossoming in our little pond at Heron Point
Mr. Cardinal has been one of my more favorite visitors this summer to Heron Point.
Rocky Racoon has been one of my least favorite visitors!

I thought I would have more time to spend in the gardens this year, but it's not in the cards I'm afraid.  There's a lot of life going on these days mostly running the gallery and helping Michael get White Cap Grille up and running.
White Cap Grill Bar area
Maple Creme Brulee still remains my favorite White Cap Dessert!

As far as finding the time to delve into glass art and artists just hasn't materialized...but as an artist I tend to recognize these times as "percolating".  Instead of getting frustrated and feeling like time is running out I give myself permission to soak up every inspiration or creative thought that passes through my mind or field of vision...and know that it's working it's way out when time does permit.  And sometimes it's good to step away from all things creative.  It changes ones perspective, that's for sure.

I have been thinking a lot about my upcoming semester at Heartwood this fall.  Wondering how I can possibly fit that in without letting something else go.  But it'll happen, it always does.  Mandalas are still in the forefront of my inspiration. Nature is a close second.  One thing that I have had time for is just watching.  Sitting back on my porch looking out over the gardens and the river and just watching nature unfold.  One morning we had 6 herons in sight...I think that is a record for us.  6!  A goldfinch landed on some bright red beebalm stalks and swayed in the wind like a ballerina, it was quite a sight!
Pink Phlox in the 'Little Girl Garden'
Summer is not over by any means...I haven't been rafting on the river nearly enough for it to be over.  I did jump in the water on the first day of summer back in June.  I didn't swim laps but at least I can say I did it!  It was invigorating to say the least.

I think I feel a mandala coming on....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stephen Lanzalotta at Heron Point Gallery

Sunset at Phang Nga Bay, Stephen Lanzalotta
Last Friday we had an opening reception for Portland artist, Stephen Lanzalotta at Heron Point Gallery.  It was a gorgeous summer night with gentle winds, warm temperatures and evening light, a great way to kick off the summer shows!  Stephen has about 8 new paintings for this show called "A New Light". 

The title of the show brings many things to mind.  The lightness of the actual wooden panels that he's painted on.  In the past, his panels were heavy and large.  A New Light also refers to the colors Stephen has chosen.  They feel brighter, rich with color, texture and movement. 

Many friends, art appreciators and collectors came by to celebrate this new 'light' with Stephen.  In listening to him speak with guests, it's evident the passion Stephen possesses for his painting.