Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Not All About Glass...

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, even text.  Letter forms have been an integral part of my life since I wrote my first name in lower case letters on all our wooden furniture.  Much to the dismay of my father, the detailed woodworker, his antiques apparently all belonged to me!  

Little did my father know that those scribblings would captivate me for a lifetime!  Calligraphy became an important part of my artistic voice and soon pen marks were reserved for paper, not grandmother's jam cupboard door.

As part of this month's Portland, Maine First Friday Art Walk, 2 friends and I put our crazy art heads together and came up with a show that incorporates layers of text.  Texting is a new modern voice that has one specific meaning.  Our #textmessage show incorporates my love of calligraphic letterforms transformed into mandalas; Berri Kramer's layered encaustic wax paintings, and Susan Wilder's acrylic paintings of Kanji. (An Asian form of calligraphy).

The show is up through the month of July.  Come check it out, it's pretty interesting.  Heron Point Gallery is open Thursday-Saturday from 11am-5pm or by appointment.  The next art walk is Friday, July 3rd from 5-8pm.  Maybe we'll see you there?