Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Dragonflies?

The dragonfly is the symbolism of change and light.

Adaptability and joy.

I have been enamored with them since hanging out in the frog ponds with my grandfather.  They bring so many wonderful memories of those childhood moments as well as paddling around Maine lakes in the canoe with my dog, fly fishing in the Allagash with my father or just hanging out in the gardens at home.

Watching this video I learned more than I ever imagined.  I thought I knew it all.  Ha!  Thank you National Geograhic!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

La Napoule, France

This past April I went on an amazing journey with 16 like-minded book art enthusiasts.  We were there under the tutelage of Rebecca Goodale's University of Southern Maine Travel Books Arts Class.  We were there to make books inspired by the surroundings at the La Napoule Art Foundation.   Mary Clews turned the ancient structures into a living studio and art center in the early 1951 in honor of her husband and sculptor, Henry.  His sculpture is everywhere in the gardens, on the outside and inside of the buildings.  It is a fascinating history.

What can be better than to live in a castle not 20 feet from the azure blue Mediterranean Sea for a week, and make art?!!!  It was heaven.

We made art in the gardens, by the sea, in the small village at the Boulangerie, or in a bar!