Monday, February 9, 2009

"Three Angel Heads" A 'Shaker Gift Drawing', or 'Spririt Drawing' (artist unknown). I am currently working on a series of interpretations of some of these Shaker drawings. My interpretations will be depicted in glass, incorporating frit and fusing techniques. The Shaker Spirit Drawings were instruments of "tokens of love" a "gift" sent from the spirit world. Some of the drawings were visions, some mix handwritten encouraging words along with symbolic spiritual things, like the Shaker "Basket of Apples", or famous "Tree Of Life". The spirit drawings are meant to convey the heavenly rewards expected in the afterlife. You may be asking what has drawn me portray these images in glass? In the early 80's I was fortunate enough to have lived with the Sabbathday Lake Shakers in New Gloucester, Maine. Being surrounded by everything Shaker was an amazingly powerful experience for me. I resonnated with the many "gift" drawings that I saw throughout the village at the time. It has been nice going 'back' to revisit those images and meanings. Currently, I am working on a series of handmade books that visit these same images and experiences. I find that immersing myself into what I'm trying to create from a variety of imagry or artistic techniques, helps me to live it more and 'see' with more depth.

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