Monday, August 10, 2015


How many treasures did your mind collect today?  

Living on a tidal river on the coast of Maine I am blessed with so many treats for the senses.  In or out of the water, it's a dream come true.

Cousin's River, Sunday Morning Quiet
 It is sometimes a little overwhelming to think of the many inspirations that grab my attention throughout the day.  Whatever it is, you can be sure there is some 'light' involved.  Light that makes me want to dive into the glass studio and use glass as a way to capture and transmit the light.  It doesn't always happen the way I 'see' it, but it always is a captivating process for me to try!

Dragonfly Mandala, detail.

In this detail of my fused glass dragonfly mandala, the glass becomes the water's surface as I look out my studio window to the little pond in our yard.  Dragonflies were dancing around the lily pads skimming the surface of the water.  Late August is particularly active in the gardens with dragonflies galore! 

This time of year the shadows get longer and the light at the end of the day becomes magical.  If you look closely, you can see the reflections of light from the surface of the water on the branches.  I love finding these unexpected hidden gems.  I like to think that when people look at my fused glass they see something unexpected every now and again!

Along the Cousin's River
Light, reflected or transmitted, enjoy it!

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